What is dandelion leaf extract good for?

dandelion-200x300The dandelion leaf offers several benefits to one’s health. Although it is most commonly used to remove excess toxins and water from the liver, it also plays a significant role in maintaining gallbladder health and so much more. It truly is the ultimate cleanser because it assists the body in ridding itself from pollutants.

One of the many benefits of the dandelion leaf is the promotion of blood purity, which in turn helps the liver to effectively perform its duty. Many create soothing teas or blended drinks with dandelion leaves, but is it also consumed in other forms as well like in weight loss powders and other supplements. Dandelion leaves are packed full of nutritional value and can benefit just about anyone.

Dandelion greens are very comparable in nutritional value to other more commonly used green veggies, however they provide four times as much calcium. This leafy green also contains more iron, riboflavin, and vitamin E than spinach! It is also said that dandelion green nutrients may help reduce the risk of cancer, multiple sclerosis, and age-related macular degeneration.This leaf and its extract is truly an underutilized source of health and nutrition.

One of the best qualities to the dandelion leaf extract is the its ability to speed up weight loss! It gets one’s metabolism to speed up, therefore generating an accelerated weight loss journey. By suppressing the appetite and promoting max calorie burning this extract can work wonders!

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